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HKJFL Player Protection Policy


The purpose of this Code is to ensure all participants, players, coaches, officials and spectators, in tournaments and matches in the Hong Kong Junior Football League (HKJFL) enjoy a safe sporting environment, where the players are able to develop their football skills, team spirit, sportsmanship and respect for other participants, gaining personal fulfillment and satisfaction through friendly competition.

The Code of Conduct for Coaches/Managers of teams participating in the HKJFL

To this end, as a Coach/Manager of young developing sports people, it is your role and responsibility to ensure that this Code of Conduct is promoted and upheld constantly and consistently during tournaments and matches run for and on behalf of the members of the HKJFL.

As Coach/Manager of teams participating in the HKJFL I agree to:

  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every individual player and treat every one equally regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background or religion.
  • Respect the talent, potential, developmental stage and goals of each player so that each player reaches their full potential.
  • Ensure that all players receive an appropriate level of attention and opportunities so that their time spent playing football is a positive experience.
  • Operate within the rules and spirit of the sport of football promoting fair play over ‘winning at any cost’ and encourage players to do the same.
  • Maintain high standards of integrity, sportsmanship and adopt responsible behaviour in all interactions.
  • Respect the decisions of officials and referees.
  • Not attempt to influence the officials or abuse them verbally or physically for their decisions and actions.
  • Actively discourage foul play, or any unsportsmanlike behaviour by players at all times on and off the field.
  • Do not tolerate harmful or abusive behaviour by players or spectators and remove from the field any player/s whose behaviour is not acceptable and breaches this Code of Conduct.
  • Display control and courtesy to all involved with the game of football.
  • Develop my team’s respect for their opponent’s ability.
  • Promote and celebrate honest effort by players and teams as equally important as a win.
  • Be a positive role model for players, spectators, Club and football in general.
  • Accept responsibility for my decisions and actions.
  • Show concern for the health, safety and welfare of every player.
  • Ensure equipment and facilities meet safety standards.
  • Ensure my decisions and actions contribute to a safe and harassment free environment.
  • Refrain from initiating a sexual relationship with a player and actively discourage any attempt by a player to initiate a sexual relationship with me.

In coaching/managing teams participating in the HKJFL events, I agree to abide by these principles. I support the HKJFL in its undertakings and encourage the HKJFL to take any necessary disciplinary actions including the suspension and banning where warranted of any coaches, managers, players and/or supporters for repeated or serious breaches of the HKJFL Codes of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct for Players participating in tournaments and matches in the HKJFL

To this end, as a player it is your role to meet the standards of behaviour outlined in this Code

and by doing this you contribute to ensuring the game of football prospers and your team’s integrity is maintained.

As a participant of HKJFL tournaments and matches you agree to:

  • Play by the rules of the HKJFL tournaments or matches and the laws of the game.
  • Act in a cooperative manner with my coach, manager, referees and team mates.
  • Respect fellow players, coaches, managers and referees and the achievement of opponents.
  • Always respect the referee’s decision.
  • Play fairly with good sportsmanship.
  • Never engage in disrespectful conduct of any sort including profanity, obscene gestures, offensive remarks based on race, religion, gender or ability, taunting or other actions that are demeaning to other players, officials or supporters.
  • Shake hands with and thank the opposition players and officials after the match whether I win, lose or draw.
  • Care for and respect the facilities and equipment made available to me during training and competition.
  • Be a team player.
  • Give my best at all times.
  • Participate for my own enjoyment and benefit.
  • Never become involved in acts of foul play.
  • Safeguard my health; don’t use any illegal or unhealthy substances.
  • Abide by this Code of Conduct at all times.

In participating in HKJFL tournaments and matches I agree to abide by these principles. I support the HKJFL in its undertakings and encourage HKJFL to take any necessary disciplinary actions including the suspension and banning where warranted of any coaches, managers, players and/or supporters for repeated or serious breaches of the HKJFL Codes of Conduct.

Code of Conduct for Parents and supporters of HKJFL tournaments and matches

The Code defines the desirable standard of behaviour expected from you when attending the various events arranged by the HKJFL recognising the importance of the parents and supporters, and the contributions you make to the enjoyment of the game of football by players, the success of the various member clubs, and the overall success of the HKJFL.

To this end, as a supporter, you play an important role to ensure the integrity of the team you are supporting and the game of football itself.

HKJFL expects that all parents and supporters will:

  • Remain positive and encouraging towards all children, not just their own.
  • Applaud the opposition as well as their own team.
  • Avoid coaching the children during the game.
  • Not shout at players, coaches or officials.
  • Respect the referee’s decision and encourage all players to do likewise.
  • Encourage all players to abide by the Laws of the Game.
  • Give attention to each of the children involved and not just the most talented.
  • Give encouragement to everyone involved.
  • Not use or tolerate inappropriate language.
  • Ensure their child wears appropriate lower leg protection (shin pads) at all times of play.
  • Ensure that if their child wears corrective lenses that these are appropriate for contact sports and safe for their child and other players.
  • Ensure that their child does not wear watches or jewelry whilst playing.
  • Ensure that their child does not take part in HKJFL tournaments or matches if ill or injured.
  • Value the importance of volunteer coaches and referees and offer their full support.

Breach of Code of Conducts – Penalties and Sanction

1. No person/s attending a match shall:

a. Use offensive or obscene language to any player, coach, referee, official or other supporter;

b. Enter the Field of Play during the course of a match without the prior approval of the


c. Aggressively or inappropriately dispute the decision of a referee or official either during or after a match;

d. Assault or act with aggression to any person/s;

e. Behave in a way contrary to the Club’s Codes of Conduct, the HKJFL Code of Conduct and/or the spirit of the game;

f. Behave in a way which disturbs the enjoyment of the match by any other person/s, or brings discredit to the clubs, the HKJFL or the game of football.

g. Act in such a way as to exhibit racial intolerance, by language or other conduct, to any other person/s;

h. Refuse to accept the reasonable direction of the Ground’s Official or any other official of the home club and/or HKJFL, or official of the team/club which that person/s is supporting.

2. Any person/s contravening point 1 above may be reported by a representative of the HKJFL, match referee or a Team Manager to the HKJFL rep or team manager other official of the team that that person/s is supporting.

3. The HKJFL Representative, referee and/or Team Manager must advise the offending person/s of the relevant breach of the Code. The Official reporting the breach of code of conduct should send the details of their report by email to the Chairman of the HKJFL as soon as possible after the event.

4. In the event that the inappropriate conduct continues, the HKJFL rep, referee and/or Team Manager may request the offender/s to immediately leave the ground. This should also be noted on the report to the HKJFL Chairman.

5. In the event the person/s refuses to obey the direction of the HKJFL rep, referee and/or Team manager, the Official’s may direct the referee to terminate the match. In the event that the match is so terminated, the non-offending team will be awarded a 2-0 win and the 3 points that go with that win, or in the event that the origin of the breach of conduct is not determinable, then the match will be declared a 0-0 draw but no points are awarded to either team.

6. Any person/s contravening the HKJFL Code of Conduct and /or the Rules of Association Football may be reported by a representative of the HKJFL, a referee or Team Manager to the HKJFL Chairman for review at the next HKJFL committee meeting. The HKJFL Committee will consider the circumstances of the breach and may take the following disciplinary action:

a. Suspension of player and/or coach/manager/official

b. Banning of supporter

c. Player good behaviour bond

d. Fines

e. Appear before the HKJFL Committee for disciplinary hearing.

f. Put on notice (warning)

Please note:

The HKJFL has a Zero Tolerance Policy.