U9 Tournament July 11th TKO





  • ONLY ONE parent is allowed at the venue per player and NO siblings. We have limited numbers allowed at the venue. 
  • On arrival at the venue everyone needs a temperature check inside the main office before they are allowed to go to the pitch. 
  • There is parking and we actively encourage car pooling. Once your child’s games finish you need to leave the venue as quickly as possible to free up the car parking. 
  • Teams will only play on one pitch and will stay with their coach in designated areas. Parents are NOT allowed on the pitch areas and must also stay in areas marked out for them on the grass. If you need to get anything to your child then you must inform a member of the HKJFL who will pass on a message. 
  • Your child will need a lot of water, a hat for between games, sunscreen. PLEASE MARK PLAYERS WATER BOTTLE WITH THEIR NAME. 
  • Printouts will be handed out when you arrive showing which pitch your child is on and where your designated area is for watching – we recommend umbrellas for parents as well for the heat. 
  • Parents must wear their mask at all times. Players will not wear a mask when playing, but all spectators must keep their mask on throughout.
  • Maintain social spacing within the designated spectator area


  • Must wear masks to enter the venue and can only remove once pitch side and their coach has agreed they can be removed
  • Must sanitize hands on entering the venue and after every game and hand sanitizing station will be set up at the entrance and by each pitch
  • No high 5’s, handshakes or team huddles. Teams will be encouraged to say ‘three cheers to their opponents at the end of the game’
  • Players should not share towels, clothing or any other personal items.
  • Avoid touching your face, mouth and nose.
  • Practice respiratory hygiene- no spitting, cough or sneeze into your elbow.
  • Anyone with pre-existing health conditions (especially asthma, diabetes, or immunocompromised) should be extra vigilant, and consider not coming to the venue.
  • Players should limit the use of changing rooms by arriving dressed and ready to play and then leaving immediately after their games – ‘Get in, Play and Get Out!’
  • Bring your own drink bottle(s) and plenty of water.

The matches are friendly and the main thing at this point is to get the players out playing safely. Results are not important and we want the players to have a good experience. It is hot and there will be various levels of fitness so please let the coaches do the coaching and refrain from doing anything apart from supporting all the players.

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